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Men's Grooming On The Rise - Men's Grooming can boost your confidence, attractiveness and health. Boost you image.

Men's Grooming - No Longer Taboo - It's time to try the new you. who knows, maybe you'll find a new look and feel better!

Being Distinguish - Making The Impression - We all want to distinguish ourselves at work and play. Make the impression, be picture perfect!

Your Health - If you look good, you feel good. It's wonderful to get those compliments from friends and family.

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$5 Billion Spent On Men's Grooming - You not alone. Men from all walks of life are enjoying their new their looks, self confidence.

Attractive, Healthier, And Generally Successful - Attractiveness, health and success were always in style, Be that new man with my products.

The World Is A Different Place - Men, be at your best with your new look. Enjoy new success and self-confidence.

And It Just Makes Sense, Feeling Good - You'll be amazed at how you can enhance your appearance. Find your attractive side.

Today, Men's Grooming is about your health and self confidence. My New Product Line of Men's Grooming is designed make you attractive, healthier, and generally successful.

Telephone: (917) 779 - 8928

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    I am so proud to be the founder of my own line of  Men's Grooming products named  Made Man.

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  • My Men's' grooming products  have been used on countless celebrities during my career; to include:

    Donald Trump, Sammy Davis Jr., Larry Hagman,  Regis Philbin,  just to name a few.


Always be at your best,  The world is a different place when it comes to men taking care of themselves.

Even a natural man sometimes has to make an impression. So, if you got an important meeting or a family event...

By becoming attuned to the beauty industry, men are now openly availing themselves of the same opportunities afforded to women.

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