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7 Seconds Continued

A few reasons for a 1st Impression

Once In a Lifetime - Job Interview - Begin with your interview with a knock-out appearance, set a positive tone. Enjoy the interview and be confident.  The employer is trying to read your book.

The Very First Special Date - Reach out and touch someone with your beauty and appearance. On a first date, a first impression is a lasting impression.  Let me make your mood and makeup warm.

Your First Presentation - How you look is how your feel. Preparing for the first presentation you should be confident and at ease. If your appearance is stunning your presentation will be a success.  Let me help.

The Special Connection as you enter the room. Looking to learn interesting things and discover new people.  Be at your best with my makeup. 

Remember that every day of our life is a special event.


Corporate Events- Public Ceremonies - On the Stage or in the stands. everyone will take notice. Be confident and radiant when you meet those special people. Walk and talk as if you own the party.

That Special Day - Seasonal Intrigue - It' is true that every once in a while we ladies feel that a change is necessary.. How do I look on that summer or fall evening. if meeting someone special.  

Telephone: (917) 779 - 8928 

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A Few Tips

  • Why first impressions are lasting impressions.

    CONTINUED - Everybody Gets Physical

    Make eye contact if your interested. But your makeup has to be flawless for that attentive someone to notice.

    Getting attention is as simple as giving someone your body language with confidence.

    Be Mysterious - People tend to hold forth that they are experts on everything. Your First Impressions is about selling "self-confidence".
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  • Show the world

    What You Don't Know - is How Others See You.   

    Instead, sell Intrigue, offer mysterious to that special someone or friends.
  • Why a first impression is lasting...

    Your Sweet 16's Party.

    Proms or Graduations - When it comes to prom or gradation you should look and feel your best.

    This day only comes once in your life and everyone takes pictures. Be at you best

    Your New Business - Pictures & Marketing - You started the new business.

    Now it's time to promote yourself by marketing with drop dead photos of you and your business.

    You need to book  your appointment for a  ladies or man's session.

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