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8 Reasons to book a session

1.  Feel & Look Younger - Always in Style.  Makeup is good for you, look gorgeous and get that major self confidence boost on the way!

2.  Sell Yourself - Look & Feel Good.  It's time to try new colors and new styles and who knows, maybe you'll find your new look!

3.  Protect Your Skin - Your Health.  Makeup not only protects your skin, it will also be making you look flawless and picture perfect!

4.  Opening Those Doors - Love That Feeling.  If you look good, you feel good. It's wonderful to get those compliments from friends and family.

A Jill Harth, Makeup Session

Treat Yourself Makeup Class

5.  Fun & Experiment - Treat Yourself.  When it comes to your free time you can really have fun with a new makeup look.

6.  Enhance Your Features - Be Successful.  Makeup can be used to flatter your best features, play down those you're not quite fond of.

7.  Meet The Special One - A New You.  It's time, meeting the special one is time to be different. New colors and styles, who knows.

8.  Find Your Sexy - It make scene.   Feeling sexy, you'll be amazed at how much there is to makeup and how different you look!   Telephone: (917) 779 - 8928

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7 Second Rule

  • Call For Makeup
  • Why first impressions are lasting impressions.

    Everybody thinks they know how important first impressions are.

    But not everybody knows that the "first impression" is actually made in about  7  seconds.
  • Your fist meeting, or the other person glance, is how we are judge and exist in their thoughts.
  • New York Bride WEDDING SESSION
  • Why  believe me !!!

    Then  remember,  and think about  that special  day or moment. when you looked at  him / her  and  said he/.she  was the one  for you.
  • I have worked makeup for countless celebrities. 
  • At times, we speak of romance.   The number one reason people fall in love is  the first glance.
  • But not everybody knows that the "first impression" is actually made in about seven seconds. 
  • Your fist meeting or the other persons glance is how we are judge and exist in their thoughts.
  • Be Irresistible - If you want to make a good first impression on that special someone.  It's done.
  • "As soon as someone lays eyes on you, they have made their first impression."
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