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The Groom,  Jill Harth Wedding Day Grooming

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The Groom


Gentlemen, be at your best.

When it comes to weddings, the spotlight typically falls on the bride. True you guys probably haven't been dreaming about this day since you were twelve, but regardless you play a large role in the process and it is your day too.

Moreover, the role you play indicates to your bride how your partnership is going to work out.

Show your wife to be that you value the partnership that will be celebrated and declared on your wedding day.

Let me make you "look your best" with my Men's Grooming.  impress her on this special day. Even if she doesn't tell you, you' will definitely get credit for making the effort by looking your best.

Just Ask Me - If you are not sure what you should do,. I take care of the rest.


The Bride

Best Man

  • Being A Best Man In New York
  • Your Best Friend

  • The Best Man. Be Involved  with you best friends wedding plans. 

    It's important that you show everyone how interested you are at "being at your best."

    Plan and prepare together. Go with the wedding couples wishes. Share your opinion, it does matter.

    Then ask how you could look better on this special occasion.

  • My Men's Grooming Work, For Weddings

  • As a professional makeup artist I can transform you gentlemen into this handsome guys that will be  remember forever.

    I have done countless wedding. Make sure that you look your best on this day to remember.

    I would like to thank all those for inviting me to transform them on their wedding day.

    If you need TO CHAT - please call.

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