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Franchise Opportunities for the Jill Harth's, & The Made Man Products

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From New York City, Jill Harth is a renown beauty and cosmetic artist who has made numerous television appearances and work with many actors, actress and bridesmaid's .She is known for her makeup for weddings and special appearances.

Jill Harth line of beauty products are ideal for selling to friends, families and business owners who actively seek to improve their personal income, their appearance or a their business profits or bottom line.

Single or Multi Owners - This means that you need-not be a single franchise owner.   You may invite partners to assist you with this enterprise.

Fread About Makeup Franchise

Why choose a Jill Harth Beauty Franchise?

Inspired by the beauty that give expression to feelings of enhancement and wellbeing in the user, Jill Harth has created top quality products that provide physical and emotional body care for you customers.

However, she makes every effort to continually improve and develop new products

If you need additional information - Please fill out the Franchisee Questioner.  You set the time and we will speak to you personally  about this long-term, business investment.

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  • Your Own Makeup Franchise
  • What You Receive As a Fantasize Owner.

    Telephone: (917) 779 - 8928

    Your Personalized Jill Harth Beauty and Cosmetic Website- 1 Year, Free

    We Set-Up The Legal Business Entity In Your State, Area- Free

    Promotions - Selling To Local, State & National Markets.  Free

    Business Telephone Number, Email, Address - Free

    Our Staff- Specific Website Marketing, For Your Franchisees - Free

    Investing In Makeup Business
  • Multi Billion Dollar a Year Industry.

    The Franchise Includes both Men and Women Cosmetic Product Lines  Free

    Proven  Opportunities - The successful sale of JH Cosmetics - Free

    Professional marketing materials and our direct customer support.  Free

    Each new franchisee will receive $ 200.00 of Jill Harth makeup !  $ Free.

    So understanding whether a cosmetics franchise is right for you, requires information.  Jill Harth's Beauty Cosmetic Agency can provide you with information and direct support to guide you through this investment process.

    SINGLE OR MULT-INVESTOR FRANCHISES -- Speak to a friend, family member OR invest in this profitable franchise by yourself. The Jill Harth's  Agency offers an exciting franchises for the multi- owners.

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